“Yes” Grand Theater at Foxwoods July 13, 2018

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Grand Theater at Foxwoods
July 13, 2018

There are two Yes bands touring and this version of Yes consists of original band members guitarist Steve Howe and drummer Alan White. It’s the 50th anniversay tour for the band, and they are still at it with their progressice rock sound. Many of the bands members have come and gone over the years but the sound remains the same.

The lead singer is Jon Davison who, though not on original member, recreates the Yes sound wonderfully as he breezes through all the songs without hesitation. He has the ability to hit those high notes with ease. Davison does a great job in a hard to fill positon in the band.

Geoff Downes was was on keyboards and synthesizer pulling out the well known synthized sound on many of the songs. The group in it’s hayday was one of the first progressive rock bands using the keyboards and guitar grouped with the synthesizer to produce a psychedeilic mix of sound with a classical twist.
Original Yes keyboardist and founding member Tony Kaye was a special guest for the last 2 numbers. Kaye helped form the group with Chris Squire, Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford and Peter Banks.

It was a filled theater with mostly those who remember the band from their early days. There were some of younger generations as well who admire the bands unique sound. It was nostalgic for many as they sat back and enjoyed the show.
Roundabout and Starship Trooper finished out the night to cheers and applause from the audience.
It was a shorter than usual concert. It’s my understanding that at some venues they played two sets. This show they played one set and an encore.
The band was great and hasn’t lost anything over the years and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Review by Donna Erichsen
Photos by George Bekris
Close to the Edge
Nine Voices (Longwalker)
Sweet Dreams
Awaken (with Alan White)
Yours Is No Disgrace (with Tony Kaye and Alan White)
Roundabout (with Tony Kaye and Alan White)
Starship Trooper (with Tony Kaye and Alan White)