Santana 2016

Santana at Mohegan Sun

April 15, 2016


Carlos Santana has done what many bands these days are trying to do, go back in time. He has assembled most of the original Santana band including Greg Rolie on keyboard and vocals, and Neal Schon on guitar and made it work exceptionally well. They started with “Soul Sacrifice” followed by “Jin-go-lo-ba”. Then “Evil Ways” sung by Greg Rolie. Neal Schon came out and joined the band on “Batuka” and jammed with Carlos. Seeing Carlos Santana and Neal Schon playing together again was a real treat. They complemented each other so well. It was as if time turned back and it sounded amazing.Santana and the band played a mix of the well know Woodstock era songs and introduced the music off their new album.
The concert coincided with the release of the new album Santana IV. It was as if time turned back and it sounded amazing. His new songs are reminiscent of the his older style with alot of percussion and drums. Each player did a own solo to highlight their talents. Bassist Benny Rietveld did particularly well on his solo.
The second half of the concert Andy Vargas and Tony Lindsay took the stage with the rest of his current band and they sound fantastic as well. They did just about every song you would want to hear Santana’s long list of hits and memorable music.. The sound was spot on and it was a great show, Carlos Santana never disappoints. A memorable evening and worth seeing.
By Donna Erichsen
Photos by George Bekris
Set List
Soul Sacrifice
Evil Ways
Batuka (with Neal Schon)
No One to Depend On
Shake It
Anywhere You Want to Go
New York City
Fillmore East
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (with Neal Schon)
Oye como va
Maria Maria
Corazón espinado
Toussaint L’Ouverture